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Since 2016, I have worked on practical design projects. Notably, My design won several awards such as Red Dot design Award, IF design Award, CGD design Award, IAI design Award, CORE77 design Award, Germany green product design Award, K design Award, A design Award, MUSE design Award, GOLDEN PIN design Award, European design Award and many other domestic and foreign design awards. Moreover, my critical thinking makes me break routines and design innovative products. When designing a new mask for the contracted company Xiaomi to deal with the epidemic, I did not focus on the mask’s basic use, but added the temperature detection function, which makes it easy for the company to monitor employees’ health. The design was patented in China and exhibited in Red Dot Design Museum of Xiamen. Meanwhile, in the porcelain designed for JAUNE DE CHROME in Paris, I did not only use the candlestick as a utensil, but made it can carry both candles and hem incenses by adding holes in the concave structure. The vessel was displayed at the Little Palace in Paris in 2020.

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